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Mexico, NY 13114
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The Village of Mexico has approximately 7 miles of sidewalks and is known for being a walkable village. The Village Board recognizes the importance of clearing sidewalks of snow to provide safe pedestrian routes to essential services, schools, areas of commerce and recreational opportunities.
The Village Board views the removal of snow from sidewalks as a collaborative effort between the village and its residents. The Mexico Village Ordinance #14 specifically states that the property owners have a legal obligation to clear sidewalks adjacent to their properties of obstructions including snow, ice and snowplow residue. Snow removed from sidewalks may not be deposited on the roadway of any street.
The Village of Mexico provides supplemental service to help property owners clear their sidewalks during a substantial winter storm. The village will begin clearing sidewalks once new snowfall has exceeded 3”. The normal sidewalk route takes 8 hours to complete and property owners are asked to be patient and to shovel their own sidewalks if the plow has not yet come by. Depending on the severity of the storm, sidewalk clearing policies must sometimes be altered to meet the needs of the situation. Sidewalk snow removal usually happens in the early morning when pedestrian traffic is lowest, but this schedule is modified to respond to actual storm conditions.
Due to the limitations of mechanical equipment and sidewalk irregularities sidewalks may not be cleared or maintained to a dry pavement standard. Reasonable attempts will be made to avoid depositing excessive snow in driveways and/or private sidewalks, however, the removal of any snow deposits that may result from the sidewalk clearing operations are the responsibility of the adjacent property owner. The Village will not be responsible for incidental plow damage to turf, driveways, irrigation systems, or landscaping located within the public rights-of-way or easements. Any related repair will be the responsibility of the adjacent property owners and/or occupant. Sidewalks must remain free of any obstructions (i.e. vehicles, refuse containers, play equipment, implements, etc.). If obstructions are encountered, the sidewalk plow operator may skip the affected property frontage and the subsequent removal will be the responsibility of the adjacent property owner and/or occupant.


Trash and Recycle receptacles cannot be placed at curbside before 7:00 pm Monday and must be removed by 8:00 pm Tuesday.  Please remember all trash and recyclables must be in covered containers.  Appliances, furniture and construction material will not be picked up by the weekly trash service, please make arrangements to dispose of these items.