Town of Mexico Board Agenda for January 9, 2017

Mexico Town Board Agenda
Monday, January 9, 2017

1) Approval of December 12, 2016 Minutes

2) Communications
a) National Grid – Natural Gas Safety
b) CITI (BOCES) Newsletter
c) Tyson Furlong Water Request

3) Public Comment

4) Reports
a) Town Clerks Report
b) Dog Control
c) Zoning Officer/ Building Inspector
d) Highway Superintendent
e) Parks Manager
f) Mexico Point Park
g) Supervisor

5) Consider December Payroll

6) Water Update –

7) Local Law Regulating Slaughterhouses in the Town of Mexico

8) Proclamation Request – School Choice

9) Preliminary 4th Quarter Report

10) Internet Cable Questionnaire

11) Appointments

12) Consider ZBA Appointment

13) Other Business

14) Audit and Approve Abstracts

15) Adjourn