The Annual Village Election was held from noon to 9:00 pm at the Mexico Village Hall, 3236 Main Street, Mexico, New York.  Inspectors of Election were Lois Beyer and Nancy Marks.  The Village residents voted using paper ballots for the 2021 Village Election. The total number of votes cast was 33.  


Terry Grimshaw-30 votes, 3 blanks. TOTAL 30 VOTES

Write-In-Mike Martin-2 votes. TOTAL 2 VOTES

Robert Harter– 31 votes, 2 blanks.   TOTAL 31 VOTES  

James Emery- 32 votes, 1 blank. TOTAL 32 VOTES

Write-In Bob Oustrich 1 vote. TOTAL 1 VOTE

Respectfully submitted,

Traci M. Wallace
Village Clerk