Mexico Town Board Special Meeting May 22, 2019

Town Board of the Town of Mexico
Minutes of the Special Meeting
Held May 22, 2019 at the Mexico Town Hall commencing at 7:00 P.M.

Present:                       David Anderson, Supervisor
Eric Behling, Councilor
Judy Greenway, Councilor
Larry Barber, Councilor
Russell Partrick, Councilor
Elizabeth Dishaw, Town Clerk
And 0 in the audience            

Supervisor Anderson opened the meeting at 7:10.

Barber told the board he received three quotes to repair the waterline at Mexico Point Park.  A new line would be installed from the curb stop, tie into the meter pit and run to the caretaker’s cottage.  Dishaw said the water bill in November 2018 was $33.37.  In February 2019 the water bill was $370.83.  Matt Gracey repair the leak in the amount of $990.  In May 2019 there was another leak with a water bill of $906.63.  The line is old and leaks in several different places.

Eric Behling entered at 7:15

The bids are:
Edge Civil Corp (Ed Banach) $8,300
Beck Improvements $8,700
Russell Sturtz Excavating $7,700

Anderson asked Barber if he had a recommendation.  Barber said he would recommend Russell Sturtz.  Anderson asked if Sturtz had worker’s comp.  Barber said yes.

A motion was made by Councilor Greenway and seconded by Councilor Partrick to award Russell Sturtz Excavating the bid as the lowest responsible bid of $7,700. The motion was adopted by a vote of 5 ayes, Anderson, Behling, Greenway, Barber, Partrick, and 0 nays.

There were discussions about winterizing seasonal homes, the town having someone to write the specs for projects the town begins to ensure competitive bidding, Community Park, Little League, repairs to Casey’s Cottage, Friends of Mexico Point Park, Worker’s Compensation, record keeping by town officials, zoning and highway issues.

Greenway left at 8:10.

A motion was made by Councilor Partrick and seconded by Councilor Greenway to adjourn at 8:23. The motion was adopted by a vote of 4 ayes, Anderson, Behling, Barber, Partrick, and 0 nays.

Respectfully submitted,

Elizabeth Dishaw
Town Clerk