Town of Mexico Minutes for Public Hearing December 12, 2016

Town Board of the Town of Mexico
Minutes of the Public Hearing
Held December 12, 2016 at the Mexico Town Hall commencing at 7:15 P.M.

David Anderson, Supervisor
Judy Greenway, Councilor
Eric Behling, Councilor
Larry Barber, Councilor
Russell Partrick, Councilor
Elizabeth Dishaw, Town Clerk
Allison Nelson, Town Attorney

And 24 in the audience

Supervisor, David Anderson opened the public hearing for Local Law # 3 of 2016, Regulating Slaughterhouses and Meat Processing Facilities in the Town of Mexico at 7:16. Anderson explained the local law.

A petition with 70 names was given to the Town Board opposing slaughterhouses. Anderson read the petition.

Roger Vrooman, Rebecca Vrooman, Tom Halsey spoke in opposition of the local law. Sherrie Livingston spoke in favor of the local law. Gary Toth spoke about procedure of adopting a local law.

Questions and concerns of those opposing were if animals would be there for the weekend, animals in holding pens, the number of animals, how traffic would affect the roads, value of property decreasing, the smell, the financial cost of a project, the decommissioning if the project fails, who would address complaints, if project no longer was USDA what would happen and how close to residences a slaughterhouse can be.

Comments from those in favor were the facility would be USDA regulated. USDA regulates pest control, is on site for all kills, USDA inspects every aspect of the operation and rendering services pick up all remains.

Anderson said if the local law were approved the applicant would have to apply to the Zoning Board of Appeals for a special permit and the ZBA would impose conditions on the facility.

The public hearing was closed at 8:15


Respectfully submitted,
Elizabeth Dishaw
Town Clerk