Mexico Town Board Agenda
Monday, June 12, 2017

1) Approval of May 8, 2017 Minutes

2) Communications
a) Allen Edwards Resignation
b) Congresswoman Tenney’s Visit
c) CITI (BOCES) Newsletter
d) Notice of Franchise Assessment Changes
e) NYS Releaf Conference
f) National Grid Tree Information
g) NYS Tax Department – Tentative Equalization Rate

3) Public Comment

4) Reports
a) Town Clerks Report
b) Dog Control
c) Zoning Officer/ Building Inspector
d) Highway Superintendent
e) Parks Manager
f) Mexico Point Park
g) Supervisor

5) Water Update
6) Consider May Payroll
7) Court Audit
8) Raise Lifeguard Wages
9) New Court Clerk Training Request
10) Resolution for Legal Action
11) Consider Loader BAN Due 7/11/17 $17,094 Plus Interest
12) Other Business
13) Audit and Approve Abstracts
14) Adjourn