Mexico Town Board Agenda
Monday, July 10, 2017

1) Approval of June 12, 2017 Minutes
2) Communications
a) Association of Towns – DB Act
b) Lake Ontario Flood Relief Grant Program
c) Cynthia Hanley – Lake Ontario Letter
d) CITI Newsletter
e) NYSLRS Newsletter
f) Lake Ontario Leveler Newsletter
g) NYS Dept. of Public Service – National Grid Rate Request
h) Oswego County Opportunities Annual Report
3) Public Comment
4) Reports
a) Town Clerks Report
b) Dog Control
c) Zoning Officer/ Building Inspector
d) Highway Superintendent
e) Parks Manager
f) Mexico Point Park
g) Supervisor
5) Water Update and Audit Proposals
6) Mexico Point Park Descriptions and Issues
7) Mexico Museum Issues
8) Resolution Response from County Attorney
9) Court Audit
10) Consider June Payroll
11) Court Clerk Training Request – from June
12) Go Over Salary Increase
13) Supervisor Clerk Request
14) Consider Payment on 2012 Chevy Truck BAN $5,531.00 Plus Interest
15) Consider transfer of $90,000 To Capital Reserve Fund
16) 2nd Quarter Report
17) Specs for Community Park – from June
18) Other Business
19) Audit and Approve Abstracts
20) Adjourn