Mexico Town Board Agenda
Monday, April 9, 2018

1) Approval of March 12, 2018 minutes
2) Communications
a) Weather Advisory
b) PESH Annual Training
c) FY2019 Budget Highlights
d) Shared Services
e) Community Development Block Grants
f) Cumo’s Letter – Maintain Lake Levels
g) NYSLRS Newsletter
h) Development Ready Reference
i) CITI Newsletter
j) Potential CFA Program Forum
k) Statement of Authority for EMS
l) Expansion Mobile Addiction Program
3) Public Comment
4) Reports
a) Town Clerks Report
b) Dog Control
c) Zoning Officer/ Building Inspector
d) Highway Superintendent
e) Parks Manager
f) Mexico Point Park and Update on Window
g) Supervisor
5) Consider March Payroll
6) Water Update
7) Larson Road Water Leak
8) Quarterly Report
9) Appoint Elizabeth Baker Head Lifeguard
10) Update Museum
11) EDU’s & Landlocked Property
12) Agreement to Spend Highway Funds
13) Other Business
14) Audit and Approve Abstracts
15) Adjourn