Mexico Town Board Agenda
Monday, November 13, 2017

1) Approval of October 9 & November 9, 2017 Minutes

2) Communications
a) NYSLRS Fall Newsletter
b) CITI (BOCES) Newsletter
c) Nelson Law Firm
d) Town Clerk Quarterly Water Bills
e) Senior Stars Budget Request
f) David & Linda Przybylak – Water Request
g) NYS Dept. of Financial Services
h) NYWEA Newsletter
i) Town Clerk – Confirmation of Water Relevies
j) Resignation

3) Public Comment

4) Reports
a) Town Clerks Report
b) Dog Control
c) Zoning Officer/ Building Inspector
d) Highway Superintendent
e) Parks Manager
f) Mexico Point Park
g) Supervisor

5) Consider October Payroll

6) Water Update – District #5

7) Schedule Public Hearing – WD#5

8) 3rd Quarterly Report

9) Request for Signage on Ames Street

10) NYMIR Recommendations

11) Village Dam Resolution

12) Consider Local Law 1 of 2017 Energy Law

13) Discuss Intermunicipal Water Agreement with Village/New Haven

14) Other Business

15) Audit and Approve Abstracts

16) Adjourn