1.Approval of August 12, 2019 minutes

Mayor of St. Catharines Ontario- Lake Level
Leveler Newsletter
Oswego County Administrator – Municipal Websites
Oswego County Department of Health – MPP Beach Inspection
VFW Post 8534 Invitation
Governor Cuomo – Homeowner Recovery Program
Congressman Brindisi – Accountability Study of Plan 2014

3.Public Comment
4. Reports
Town Clerks Report
Dog Control
Zoning Officer/ Building Inspector
Highway Superintendent
Parks Manager
Mexico Point Park
Water Commissioner

5. Consider August Payroll
6. Water Update
7. Mr Bill Davies Poor House Cemetery
8. Request Updated Map of Park
9. Request for Maintenance Issues at Casey’s Cottage
10. Consider Approval of Single Audit for Federal Awards and 2017 AUD Documents
11. Discuss Assessor Position
12. Other Business
13. Audit and Approve Abstracts
14. Adjourn