Village of Mexico December 2017 Board Minutes

DECEMBER 6, 2017
REGULAR MEETING – 6:00 PM           

Present:          Mayor Grimshaw, Trustees: Emery, Linerode, Hotchkiss and Harter, John Power, Greg Britton, Justin Herrington, and Attorney Mowry (arrived 6:29 & departed 6:30)   

Mayor Grimshaw called the Regular meeting to order at 6:00 pm.

The Minutes of the Regular Meeting of November 1, 2017 were approved on motion of Trustee Hater, all aye.

The following claims were approved for payment on motion of Trustee Hotchkiss, all aye:

General Fund Abstract:

Water Fund Abstract:
7A:$ 24,768.06

Sewer Fund Abstract:

WWTP Upgrade Project Abstract:

Reports were given by Mayor Grimshaw on behalf of Arthur Babcock Zoning/Code Enforcement Officer, John Power/Village Administrator, and Greg Britton /Water & WWTP Superintendent

 On motion of Trustee Linerode, all aye, the January 2018 Village Board meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 2, 2018 at 6:00 pm at the Village Hall.

 On motion of Trustee Hotchkiss, all aye, the Village Board approved the water agreement with the Town of New Haven.

 On motion of Trustee Harter, all aye, the Village Board accepted the updated Internet Policy & Harassment Prevention Policies and Procedures Handbook per NYMIR.

 On motion of Trustee Emery, all aye, the following funds were transferred:

General Fund

From: 1990.4 Contingency $3,000.00                        To: Cemetery Contractual $3,000.00

On motion of Trustee Hotchkiss, all aye the following resolution was passed:


NOW, THEREFORE, on motion of Trustee Hotchkiss, seconded Trustee Harter, all aye,

BE IT RESOLVED as follows:

The Village of Mexico Board of Trustees approves the work of the DPW employees at the Village of Mexico Main Pump Station on Academy Street.  The cost of the paint and overtime hours to be charged to the WWTP Phase II project.  The total amount of this work is $739.33 (labor $498.31 and paint $241.02).

On motion of Trustee Hotchkiss, all aye, the Village Board agreed to use an additional $1,500.00 from the Non-Expandable Cemetery Fund to cover tree removal in the cemetery from storm damage.

The meeting adjourned at 6:53 p.m. on motion of Trustee Emery, all aye.

Respectfully submitted,

Traci Wallace
Village Clerk