JUNE 7, 2017

REGULAR MEETING – 6:00 PM           

Present:          Mayor Grimshaw, Trustees: Harter, Hotchkiss and Linerode, John Power, Arthur Babcock, Justin Herrington, Attorney Mowry arrived at 6:08 pm and departed at 6:50 pm                     Absent: Trustee Emery

Mayor Grimshaw called the Regular meeting to order at 6:00 pm.

The Minutes of the Regular Meeting of May 3, 2017 and the Fiscal Year-End meeting of May 30, 2017 were approved on motion of Trustee Hotchkiss, all aye.

The following claims were approved for payment on motion of Trustee Hotchkiss, all aye:

General Fund Abstract:
12D:  $ 2,435.71
1A:  $19,654.94

Water Fund Abstract:
1A:  $19,921.92

Sewer Fund Abstract:
1A:  $18,799.47

WWTP Upgrade Project Abstract:
1A:  $  4,423.13

Reports were given by Arthur Babcock Zoning/Code Enforcement Officer, John Power/Village Administrator, and Greg Britton /Water & WWTP Superintendent 

John Power presented the Village Board with inspection from NYMIR Insurance of the Village Skate Park. The repairs that need to be done to bring the skate park up to a safe environment are approximately $43,000-$45,000 based on estimates received to date.  The Village Board tabled the plan of action until further investigation and discussion as to the best scenario for the Village.

 On motion of Trustee Harter, seconded by Trustee Linerode, all aye the Board passed the following motion: The Village Board hereby authorizes the Mayor, on behalf of the Village, to execute all applications, grants and contracts regarding the Village sewer line on the west side of NYS Route 3, Village of Mexico, to and including the property in the Village owned by Edick-Hamlink Post 369, Veterans of Foreign Wars.

 Justin Herrington/Mexico Volunteer Fire Department, Fire Chief, expressed a concern about the extension of the Town of Mexico water line to New Haven.  He suggested that this line makes a complete loop instead of being a dead end due to water pressure in the area and at the CITI properties on County Route 64.  

The meeting adjourned at 6:59 pm on motion of Trustee Linerode, all aye.

Respectfully submitted, 

Traci Wallace
Village Clerk