MAY 25, 2018

Present: Mayor Grimshaw, Trustees: Harter and Hotchkiss

Absent: Trustees Linerode and Emery

Mayor Grimshaw called the meeting to order at 2:00 pm.

All claims were approved for payment in the General, Water, Sewer on Abstracts 12B and 12C and the WWTP Upgrade Abstract 12C on motion of Trustee Hotchkiss, all aye:

General Fund Abstract

Water Fund Abstract

Sewer Fund Abstract

WWTP Upgrade Abstract

On motion of Trustee Hotchkiss, all ayes, the Village Clerk was instructed to pay any remaining bills for the fiscal year after approval of the Mayor.

The Board reviewed the Code of Ethics and the following policies and made no changes: Investment Policy, Procurement Policy, Sexual Harassment Policy, Drug Policy and Internet Policy and Workplace Violence-on motion of Trustee Harter, all aye.

The ledgers were made available, by the Clerk, for audit by the Board.

The following funds were transferred on motion of Trustee Hotchkiss, all aye:

General Fund

7310.1 Payroll                                                             $2,425.00

4020.4 Registrar                                                          $400.00
1410.4 Clerk Contractual-mileage                                $25.00
5110.4 Highway Contractual                                    $2,000.00

Sewer Fund

1990.4 Contingency                                                    $30.00

1910.4 Insurance                                                         $30.00


Water Fund

8320.4 Power & Pumping Contractual                       $480.00

9189.8 Clothing                                                            $30.00
9060.8 Health Insurance                                             $450.00


On motion of Trustee Harter, all aye, the Board passed the following updated Water/Wastewater Employment Contract:




All new employees hired full-time will be considered probationary employees for a period of six months.  Upon successful completion of that period the employee shall be entitled to full employee benefits.  Benefits being Health & Disability Insurance, Retirement, Clothing and leave time.


A.     The Village has constructed a Water distribution system and a Wastewater Treatment Plant that requires the services of an individual’s to run the daily operation and maintenance of same.

B.     This agreement shall be for a description of the related duties for the position of Water/Wastewater Operator

C.     The employee shall work under the direct supervision of the Village Administrator to assist in all duties related to the operation and maintenance of both systems. They must obtain the appropriate water license established by the NYS Health Department rules within two years from start of employment.  Employee must obtain a wastewater operator’s license needed to operate the Village’s Wastewater Treatment Plant within three years.  If employee chooses to dissolve employment with the Village of Mexico within (3) years of obtaining licenses they will be responsible for reimbursing the village for all costs associated with both water and wastewater licenses.

D.     Employee agrees that they shall perform the necessary activities to assist in the operation and maintenance of the Village’s water and wastewater distribution system including, but not limited to, the following:


  1. Make frequent inspections of pumping facilities, equipment and water supply in order to check operations and execute repairs.
  2. Read all water district meters using the Town/Village Remote Read system, including all aspects of the metered system
  3. Assist and participate in the repair of water mains, hydrants, meters, and service lines to consumers premises
  4. Investigate complaints and maintain proper customer relations
  5. Assist with the inventory of repair parts and supplies
  6. Participate in the installation, testing, reading and replacing of water meters
  7. Be required to perform weekend duties as needed
  8. Maintain maps, blueprints and other departmental records
  9. Coordinate department activities with the work of other municipal departments and outside agencies
  10. Maintain records, prepare reports, create and update work orders utilizing computer systems and software
  11. Assist with system flushing
  12. Conduct periodic examinations of equipment and perform necessary repairs and maintenance
  13. Must be able to climb ladders, carry 50lbs, work in tight spaces, etc.
  14. Must maintain a professional appearance and conduct all village business in a professional manner
  15. Any other related circumstance that should arise in the water or wastewater field.
  16. Must obtain and keep current both a water system operators and wastewater operators licenses as a condition of employment




The standard work week will be (40) hours.  The standard work week shall consist of (5) consecutive (8) hour work days running Monday through Friday.

Employee shall receive two paid (10) minute breaks per (8) hour shift.

Employee shall also be entitled to one (1/2) hour unpaid lunch break per (8) hour shift


Employees shall be reimbursed up to two hundred dollars per calendar year for the purchase of work boots.

 The VILLAGE shall provide at least eleven (11) pairs of pants, eleven (11) shirts and two (2) work jackets. The VILLAGE shall pay the full cost of maintenance and laundering.



Wages shall be determined by the Mayor and Village Board based on experience and credentials. Wage increases will take effect June 1 if warranted and according to the budget.


Employees shall be paid bi-weekly on Thursdays.


The following are paid holidays observed by the Village of Mexico:

New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King’s Day, Presidents’ Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving Day and the day after, Christmas Day.


When a holiday falls on Saturday the observation of the holiday shall be on the preceding Friday.  Any holiday that falls on Sunday shall be observed the following Monday.  If any holiday falls on a non-scheduled workday that is not a weekend, employee shall be provided a day off in observance with pay.




Five days paid per year, based on employee’s anniversary date.  Upon employees anniversary date unused hours will be added to sick leave.

Five days per year, based on employee’s anniversary date. Maximum accumulation is 720 hours.  Accumulated sick time is reimbursable upon retirement only.


Based on anniversary date:

One week after one year of employment

Two weeks after two years

Three weeks after ten years

Four weeks after fifteen years

Five weeks after twenty-five years

Employees shall be able to accrue/carry over up to 80 hours of vacation time at their anniversary date.  Employees will be reimbursed for any unused vacation time at the time of separation from the village.

Notice must be given to Village Administrator at least 2 weeks in advance for any leave time unless it’s deemed an emergency

 If there is a death in the immediate family or household of any employee, the Employer shall pay the employee eight (8) or ten (10) hours pay per day, as applicable, in addition to all other benefits provided for by this Agreement, for each day of leave. This leave is to enable the employee to attend the deceased’s funeral as well as to attend to matters relating to the death of the member of the Employee’s immediate family or household. Compensation under this Section shall not exceed three (3) working days.

 The term “immediate family” means father, mother, stepfather, stepmother, father-in-law, mother-in-law, spouse, children, stepchildren, brothers, sisters, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, niece, nephew, grandparents, the employee’s spouse’s grandparents and grandchildren.

Village Administrator must be notified by 6:00 am if employee is unable to report to work.

Two weeks notice of intention to resign to be given to Village Administrator in order to be entitled to any vacation credits.

Any employee called in for work shall be paid one and one-half times his/hers regular rate of pay. Employees shall be paid for all time worked, with a minimum of two hours pay guaranteed at the overtime rate regardless of actual time worked. Effective August 1, 2017.

If an employee receives health insurance benefits they will contribute the amount that union employees do according to the Union Contract.

An employee who retires from employment with the village pursuant to the provisions of the New York State and Local Employees Retirement System shall be eligible to choose to participate in any Teamster retiree health insurance plan or health insurance play offered by the Village of Mexico by paying 50% of applicable premium for individual coverage and 65% of the cost for two person dependent coverage. An employee must have fifteen years credit with the New York State Retirement system and the Village of Mexico in order to receive this benefit.

Retired full-time or part-time employees with fifteen years credit with the Village of Mexico will be reimbursed their Medicare part “B” portion when eligible.  Any employee hired after January 1, 2017 will not be entitled to this benefit.

Salaried employees will receive full salary if called for jury duty; hourly employees will receive wages not covered by jury duty.

The meeting adjourned at 2:35 pm on motion of Trustee Harter, all aye.

Respectfully submitted,

Traci Wallace
Village Clerk