JULY 5, 2017

REGULAR MEETING – 6:00 PM           


Present:          Mayor Grimshaw, Trustees: Harter, Hotchkiss and Linerode, John Power and       Greg Britton      Absent: Trustee Emery

Mayor Grimshaw opened the Public Hearing at 6:00 pm on the CDBG Block Grant application.

The Village of Mexico is requesting public comments on the Village of Mexico’s water system improvements project and to discuss the possible submission of a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) application for the 2017 program year.

The CDBG program is administered by the New York State Office of Community Renewal (OCR) and will make available to eligible local governments approximately $20 million for the 2017 program year for housing, economic development, public facilities, public infrastructure, and planning activities, with the principal purpose of benefitting low/moderate income persons. The hearing is being conducted pursuant to Section 570.486, Subpart I of the CFR and in compliance with the requirements of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974, as amended.

As outlined in the New York State Community Development Block Grant Program 2017 Consolidated Funding Application for Public Infrastructure, Public Facilities, Microenterprise & Community Planning, “NYS CDBG funds provide small communities and counties in New York State with a great opportunity to undertake activities that focus on community development needs, such as creating or expanding job opportunities, providing safe affordable housing, and addressing local public infrastructure and public facilities issues.” NYS CDBG funds must be used in an area where at least 51% of the funds will benefit low to moderate income individuals. Applications to NYS CDBG must fall within one of four categories. The categories include public infrastructure, public facilities, microenterprise, and planning.

The Village is proposing to replace fire hydrants and valves. The Village has drafted an application for NYS CDBG for the public infrastructure category and a copy is available for public review and comment. The Village is requesting $750,000 from the program for the project.

After a brief discussion the public hearing was closed at 6:02 pm on motion of Trustee Linerode, all aye, no public comment.


Mayor Grimshaw called the Regular meeting to order at 6:02 pm.

The Minutes of the Regular Meeting of June 7, 2017 were approved on motion of Trustee Linerode, all aye.

The following claims were approved for payment on motion of Trustee Hotchkiss, all aye:

General Fund Abstract:   1B:$19,477.31                                               2A:$15,718.59

Water Fund Abstract:      1B:$16,531.53                                               2A:$10,586.32

Sewer Fund Abstract:      1B:$18,081.85                                              2A:$5,211.24

WWTP Upgrade Project  1B:$0.00
Abstract:                             2A:$31,020.91


Reports were given by Mayor Grimshaw on behalf of Arthur Babcock Zoning/Code Enforcement Officer, John Power/Village Administrator, and Greg Britton /Water & WWTP Superintendent

On motion of Trustee Harter, all aye, the Village Board has agreed to move forward on the CDBG Block Grant application.

The meeting adjourned at 6:29 pm on motion of Trustee Linerode, all aye.

 Respectfully submitted, 

Traci Wallace
Village Clerk